Changes at RBC

We had our Labour Group AGM last month and there have been some big changes in our group.

Firstly we need to congratulate Penny on her election to Nottinghamshire County Council. She will be representing the people of West Bridgford North and we feel very lucky to have a county representative in our group making the communication between the two levels of government all the more clearer and helpful for the people we represent in our wards.

The new make up of the Labour group:

Chair: Mike Gaunt

Secretary: Jenny Murray

Leader: Jen Walker

Deputy Leader: Naseem Begum

Treasurer: Penny Gowland

Group Whip: Bal Bansal

Committees 2021/22:

Corporate Overview: Bal Bansal (Vice Chair of Communities Scrutiny) and Ben Gray (Vice Chair of Governance Scrutiny)

Growth & Development member: Jenny Murray

Planning: Penny Gowland & Ben Grey

Licensing: Naseem Begum, Bal Bansal & Jen Walker

Employment Appeals Committee: Mike Gaunt

Interviewing Committee: Naseem Begum

Standards Committee: Ben Gray

Members Groups:

Local Development Framework: Penny Gowland & Ben Gray

Member Development: Ben Gray

Rushcliffe Strategic Growth Board: Jen Walker

Civic Hospitality: Bal Bansal

Development Corporation Working Members: Ben Gray & Jen Walker

West Bridgford Special Expenses and Community Infrastructure Levy: Penny Gowland

Bingham Chapel Lane Working Group: Ben Gray

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