Cllr Jenny Murray

Borough Councillor for Trent Bridge Ward

Jenny is a Rushcliffe Borough Council Councillor, and retired teacher. She spent most of her life teaching students in West Bridgford, having even taught one of the opposition candidates at the last election!

As a Rushcliffe Borough Councillor Jenny sits on the planning committee, and is a shadow cabinet member without portfolio

Jenny lives in the heart of West Bridgford, close by to her children and grandchildren, who attend local schools.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Jenny. I worked for many years as a teacher in West Bridgford and live here near to my children and grandchildren.

I am also a Rushcliffe Borough Councillor, where I sit on the Planning Committee.

I am passionate about my local community and spend as much time as possible speaking to residents and helping improve the local area.

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