Cllr Mike Gaunt

Borough Councillor for Ruddington Ward, Candidate for Leake and Ruddington Division

Mike is a Rushcliffe Borough Councillor, school teacher, and Ruddington Parish Councillor. Mike is a pillar of the community in Ruddington, supporting many local projects and businesses, and can be found daily pointing at potholes and drains in the area.

As a Rushcliffe Borough Councillor Mike is the Chair of the Group, and is the group spokesperson for Finance and Contracts.

Mike lives in Ruddington, with his family. His children attend local schools.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Mike. I am a school teacher. I live in Ruddington with my wife, and two children. Both of my children attend local schools.

I am also a Rushcliffe Borough Councillor, the Chair of the Labour Group, and am the group spokesperson for Finance and Contracts.

I am passionate about my local community and spend as much time as possible speaking to residents and helping improve the local area.

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