Lutterell Hall – The Heart of the Community

Lutterell Hall is at the heart of the community in West Bridgford.
The pre-school at Lutterall Hall has been in operation for 45 years. No schools in WB have a school nursery and this pre-school has filled the gap. 

It is professionally run, has good Ofsted reports and prepares children for going to school. The older children go to the pre-school until 2 in the afternoon, have a packed lunch to prepare them for the longer school day. They leave and have a love of  learning before they begin school.


Lutterall Hall also has many groups from the community-the Dementia Cafe which has volunteers which allows the carers to have a coffee with other carers and gives them a break from caring.
It has many exercise groups-zumba, yoga, pilates and also is host to many weddings, parties and celebrations.
Charities hold winter and summer fairs in the hall.
There is nowhere in central West Bridgford to fill the gap that will be left if Lutterall Hall closes.
Councillor Jenny Murray.

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