Wildflower Seeds from Rushcliffe Borough Council

Following the success of the community tree scheme and wildflower seed packets to residents (and Rushcliffe Labour’s motion to council!), Rushcliffe Borough Council are now extending the offer of free seeds to Parish Councils and communities.

Rushcliffe Borough Council can provide up to 3kg of the wildflower general purpose mix seed which can cover approximately 330 square metres per 1 kg, equating up to 1,000 square metres or a quarter of an acre for the full amount.

To apply please signpost this update to Parish Clerks, community groups, West Bridgford Local Area Forum representatives or apply on behalf of those in your ward by emailing the Rushcliffe Borough Council Environmental Sustainability Officer Paul Phillips pphillips@rushcliffe.gov.uk by Friday March 5.

In the email applicants need to outline:

  • How much seed they would like to apply for
  • Delivery address
  • Contact telephone number

Any applications received after this date may be retained for future schemes.

The seed will be distributed by Streetwise in late March and early April. Guidance on planting the wildflower seeds is provided by the supplier and parishes and communities will be required to be responsible for obtaining and preparing a planting site.

Please email Paul for further advice on this or speak to your ward councillor.

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