Radcliffe on Trent needs a new footbridge

As more and more people move in to the new homes built up Shelford road, the route over the railway crossing is going to become an increasing bottleneck for cars, bikes and pedestrians.

The Shelford road developers are paying a “Community Infrastructure Levy” as a condition for building on our greenbelt. I don’t think this money should be taken and just used on projects outside of Radcliffe village, but instead some should be kept to build an additional railway crossing so that residents and schoolchildren can have a safe, clean way to cross the railway, away from the traffic.

Radcliffe on Trent is going to change in the next few years, but I don’t want it to become just another ‘car town’: we should do what we can to preserve what makes the village such a special community and not allow it to lose its identity with all the development planned.

1 thought on “Radcliffe on Trent needs a new footbridge

  1. Totally agree Martin . More transparency regarding this funding is needed . Thank you for highlighting this . Keep our children safer with the footbridge


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