Radcliffe Needs a Councillor who Looks Ahead at what Residents will Need in the Future

Affordable housing is in short supply, and there are plans to build as many as 1000 homes in Radcliffe which will dramatically affect life in the village.

Such a massive population influx is going to have a big impact on Radcliffe life over the next few years: but it is not clear that our Councillors have actually looked that far ahead to plan for how we can prevent the predictable problems that the village will face.

Every time new houses are built: developers pay the Council money so that changes can be made to help accommodate population growth. In Radcliffe’s case most of the infrastructure money has been spent funding A52 junction changes and on the leisure centre in Bingham. Other than a new bike stands at the railway station, it’s hard to see that much infrastructure money has actually been spent within the village.

We shouldn’t be waiting for problems to happen before anything gets done to improve things: our Councillors should have looked ahead and spoken up for Radcliffe much more assertively when infrastructure money was being spent.

If elected I will do much more to involve residents in decisions about how the future community will be shaped.

Vote for Dr Martin Murphy on May 6th.

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