Rushcliffe Borough Council Labour Group

Members for Rushcliffe Borough Council were elected in 2019 and are the largest Labour Group in Rushcliffe for 20 years!

Who we are

The “Magnificent Seven” are (in alphabetical order):

Our History

We want a public site like this so we can share news of council events, our opinions on topical matters, and attempt to get more people interested in local politics. We’d love to connect to Rushcliffe residents, local Labour Party members, and anyone interested in making decision making an open and inclusive process.

We hope with the help of this site we can get more people to come forward at local elections, to stand as Councillors, and to engage with their community to make a difference.

Use of the site we created has been gifted to the constituency Labour Party to share views and grow our movement.

July 2022

Sorry it is so long since my last report but under the new constitution at Notts County Council, formal meetings are like buses before the days of GPS timetabling.. you wait for ages and then they all come together. It is worth noting that there have been other meetings in the meantime, notably in June … Continue reading July 2022

Correspondence on the Proposed Ratcliffe Incinerator

Dear Secretary of State Department/ Michael Gove Re: Ratcliffe on Soar EfW incinerator – Planning application ES/4154 – Moratorium on incinerators urgently needed. I am calling on you to action an urgent review on waste management to investigate projected significant over capacity of Energy from Waste (EfW) incineration in England in light of predicted reductions in … Continue reading Correspondence on the Proposed Ratcliffe Incinerator

March 2022

I have been trying to write this report for more than two weeks now but the world keeps changing. The situation in Ukraine is heartbreaking. I am not interested in any justification or explanation for what Putin is doing right now: he heads an authoritarian, nationalistic, uber-capitalist regime which has admitted using thermobaric weapons. We … Continue reading March 2022

Budget Season

The setting of the budget at Rushcliffe Borough Council always gets the rhetoric flowing and yesterday’s meeting was no exception. The word prudence is frequently used by the Conservatives to describe the Conservative approach to managing the council funds. Not that one shouldn’t exercise prudence when dealing with the money of others – that is … Continue reading Budget Season

Community Organising: A Vision or Dream for West Bridgford?

West Bridgford Branch Political Education Event Online MeetingMonday 28 February *7.30pm* via Zoom -Ian Crompton, West Bridgford and Rushcliffe CLP Political Education Officer. A Community Organising Approach – could it be realised in WB? There is much discussion in the Labour Party and beyond about the need to do our politics differently, ‘a politics of the … Continue reading Community Organising: A Vision or Dream for West Bridgford?

It’s all about cars

January 2022 It has been a busy month given it has been Christmas. The big news is the motion on speed limits was finally discussed, voted on, and was passed unanimously, having been bumped off the end of 3 previous meetings. Given the outcome, it was a surprisingly long and argumentative debate, largely because the … Continue reading It’s all about cars

Class and Education: Beyond Meritocracy

Rushcliffe Open CLP Political Education 15 November 2021 -By Ian Crompton, Political Education Officer This timely and popular political educational event took place recently. Education was highlighted as a core element of the Labour Party’s strategy for electoral success at this year’s annual conference, along with an arguably restricted view of class around winning back … Continue reading Class and Education: Beyond Meritocracy

Labour and Trans rights within the context of the Tory government’s alt right cultural war

One step forward, multiple steps backward. A fragile and uneasy relationship…. -By Dora Polenta The whole essence of liberational/subversive politics is to free people to be themselves.This freedom to be able to live and express ourselves as we feel can only exist if we reject pragmatic presentism and cruise towards Queer futurity. We should not … Continue reading Labour and Trans rights within the context of the Tory government’s alt right cultural war

Explainer on Officers

Executive Officers: Chair: heads up branch meetings, supports the other branch officers in their roles and plans activity for all upcoming campaigns, working closely with CLP Officers. They make sure branch meetings are fair, open and in accordance with the Labour Party rules. Branch Secretary: works with the Branch Chair and CLP officers to plan local activity. … Continue reading Explainer on Officers

Explainer on the General Committee (GC)

What is the GC? The GC or General Committee of the Constituency Labour Party is made up of delegates from Labour Party branches and affiliated trade unions. Its role is to provide leadership and organisation to the Labour Party in that particular constituency. The General Committee is responsible for: • Organising local policy forums to debate … Continue reading Explainer on the General Committee (GC)


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