Terry Rountree

Candidate for Keyworth Division and East Leake Parish Councillor

Terry is an experienced professional with extensive finance, people management and project management experience. He has over a decade of experience working on both government and regulatory consultations, with a particular focus on energy and the environment. And he has a proven track record of effectively influencing both to ensure the best outcomes for those he represents.

Terry is an active member of his local community as both a Parish Councillor and volunteering as Secretary of a local charity.

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About Me

Hello, I’m Terry, and I’m asking for the opportunity to represent you on our County Council.

I’ve lived in and around Rushcliffe for the past 20 years, since first moving here when studying at University. I moved – with my young family – to Costock at the start of 2018, bringing us into the Keyworth District.

With strong communities, great schools, parks and open spaces, and an abundance of excellent local businesses, Keyworth and the surrounding areas are fantastic places to grow up in and to grow old in. I would be proud to have the opportunity to represent you, and the residents of all ages in this area, working hard to continually improve our communities and looking to the future for Keyworth.

Please email me at terry@4keyworth.com or use the social media contact details below to reach out and share your priorities for improving our communities

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