Julie Chaplain

Candidate for Musters Ward

Julie spent 35+ years as a secondary school teacher so is naturally extremely passionate about education standards for the young people here in West Bridgford and more widely.

Julie works hard to encourage and maintain community values here in West Bridgford which she believes make the local area a great place to live. She is also a keen and proactive environmentalist, and pledges to keep the climate emergency at the forefront of campaign activity. Julie is keen to hear about the issues that are important to local residents so please do get in touch!

Julie has lived in West Bridgford, since her childhood and attended Rushcliffe School.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Julie. I was a secondary school teacher for 35 years. I live in West Bridgford with my husband.

I am passionate about my local community and spend as much time as possible speaking to residents and helping improve the local area.

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