Dr Martin Murphy

Candidate for Radcliffe on Trent Division

Martin is an Intensive Care Specialist at the Queens Medical Centre and experienced Public Health Specialist. He is a community spirited individual with an understanding of the impact that County Council decisions can have on people’s lives.

Martin grew up in Rushcliffe and believes the area is the best place to bring up his own children.

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About Me

Hi I’m Martin, I grew up locally and returned in my mid-20s to work for the City and County Councils as a Public Health specialist. Whilst there I worked on how we can coordinate services to help young first-time mothers, on providing the right support to allow older residents to stay in their homes, and on improving mental health services.

I have since retrained and I now work as an Intensive Care specialist at the Queen’s Medical Centre.

Radcliffe and it’s surrounds have changed quite a lot since I was a child, but it is still a wonderful area for my family to live. If elected, I will focus on how choices made by our Council have an effect on individual lives, support those in need and safeguard what makes our community special.

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