Explainer on Officers

Executive Officers:

Chair: heads up branch meetings, supports the other branch officers in their roles and plans activity for all upcoming campaigns, working closely with CLP Officers. They make sure branch meetings are fair, open and in accordance with the Labour Party rules.

Branch Secretary: works with the Branch Chair and CLP officers to plan local activity. They also head up the communications strategy in the branch and work with the Chair to make meetings fair, interesting and inclusive.

Vice-Chair (Membership) (VCM): leads on membership engagement and retention, as well as the administration around membership. 

Vice-Chair (Campaigns): Supports the chair with their role in campaigning, chairs meetings if the Chair is not available.

Treasurer: Treasurers are responsible for ensuring local parties have the funds they need to run effective campaigns. They’re also required to keep meticulous financial records, and report on these throughout the year.

Women’s Co-ordinator: plays a key role in decision making and strategy to ensure that women are fully involved in the work of the local party.

Youth and Student Co-ordinator: takes the lead on recruiting and engaging young people, ensuring that young members get as much as they possibly can out of their membership and that they have their say in the local party. 

BAME Co-ordinator: is responsible for welcoming and bringing BAME members together and to work with those communities in the local area.

Disability Co-ordinator: make sure that disabled members get the most out of their membership and ensures all members are able to get involved with party activity.

Executive Member: Attend and vote at executive meetings

Functional Officers:

Campaign Co-ordinator: takes a lead in planning and organising campaigns.

Social Media Co-ordinator: takes a lead on the use of social media to communicate with members and voters, and to enhance the social media skills of members.

Political Education Co-ordinator: works to enhance the knowledge of members about political issues and facilitate debate.

LGBT+ Co-ordinator: ensures that all branch meetings and events are fully inclusive of LGBT members and oversees and runs campaigns that reach out to the local LGBT community.

Membership Officer: works with VCM, coordinates the Labour Neighbour initiative.

Social Secretary: takes a lead in organising social events for members

Trade Union Liaison Officer

Minutes Secretary


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