Our Council Should Support the NHS to Improve Radcliffe’s Health Centre

The Health Centre in Radcliffe is already too small, and with 1000 homes due to be built in the next few years, everybody agrees that we need an expanded facility. New, modern Health Centre facilities would be really great for Radcliffe but it is really important also to think about where it should be and how it would affect the community.

The NHS wants to move forward on improvements but there is not enough land where the existing Health Centre is to allow for expansion. The NHS has held meetings to find a solution, but I don’t think our Councillors recognise how much of a risk to Radcliffe’s future local economy it would be if the GP is moved away from the village centre.The Councils are big stakeholders, and they have the power to make land available so that the Health Centre can expand without relocating.

Having the Health Centre where it is helps to keep the village economy alive and if it is moved away fewer people will visit the centre. I don’t think our representatives are doing enough to push this issue forward.If elected I will work to support the NHS improve Health Centre facilities without being forced to relocate away from the village.

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