Nottinghamshire Council Should do more to keep our National Cycle Routes Safe

Holme lane forms part of Nottinghamshire’s National Cycle Route 15 and if the condition of this road wasn’t so terrible it could have been a beautiful route away from the A52 for cyclists, and walkers who want to visit Skylarks Nature reserve and the National Watersports Centre. Unfortunately, many are prevented from being able to use it for fear of injury.

This has been reported many times, (including by people who have been injured trying to use the road). Each time somebody does they get the same response: that even though the County Council is responsible for maintaining the road, local landowners want to keep car traffic away so the Council has decided to deliberately allow the road to deteriorate to people are put off using it.

A simple compromise might have been to resurface part of the road to allow cyclists and pedestrians to use the road safely, but instead of making such an effort to find a compromise, our Councillor has decided instead that the easiest thing to do is to prevent the surface being repaired and avoid upsetting local landowners.

If elected I will prioritise improving our local environment for all residents to enjoy, I will make every effort to reach compromise with nearby landowners rather than choose the easiest solution. Holme lane shouldn’t be in the dangerous state that it is in now.

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