Questions for Cabinet March 2021

Last month I wrote a little about how to ask public questions at the Rushcliffe Borough Council Cabinet. In short you can ask a question on items on the agenda, as long as you email or write to the council within the allotted time frame (this month’s cut off is today (sorry it’s been a busy week!). It works out at three working days before the meeting, and is three working days after the agenda is published. More details and all the dates can be found here.

This month’s meeting has five Non-key decisions. I’ll quickly go through them.

Obviously all of those items are interesting and important to the residents of Rushcliffe. However the last one in particular is of interest to me personally and is linked to the image used in this post. It’s to express interest to be the site for an experimental Spherical Tokamak Energy Production site.

Some details about this specific program can be found on this lecture presented to the Royal Society

I’m yet to submit a question to cabinet, and although it is tempting to quiz the leader of the council on the how exactly the combination of Deuterium and Tritium in a magnetically controlled plasma field can yield a greater energy than is put, I may focus on something a little more grounded.

The Rushcliffe Labour party, and the Rushcliffe Borough Council Labour group have no official position on the reactor and I have intentionally only mentioned that I find the proposal interesting and not made a judgement on the proposal.

2 thoughts on “Questions for Cabinet March 2021

  1. Will there be any discussion of the Fusion Reactor at Ratcliffe on Soar? Gill

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    1. Hi Gill,
      It is on the agenda, I’ve not written my question yet but please submit your own question if you want to enhance the discussion

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