Vote for our Environment this May

Radcliffe’s County Councillor is the leader of Nottinghamshire Council and yet she openly describes herself as a “climate change denier”, she has described people who try to eat sustainably as “ridiculous” and she continues to defend our Council’s £250 million fossil fuel-based investments.

Under such short-sighted leadership It is little surprise that our council is failing to hit many of the environmental targets it has set for itself.

It might seem incredible that such people are in control at our council, but it’s easy to overlook what is going on in our local government and many of us forget to vote when the time comes.

If we don’t vote, we make our councillors less accountable to us for the decisions they make. We end up with people who don’t consider our future environment and people who don’t share our basic values.

It’s really important that we all register to vote this May so that we get the representation we deserve –

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