Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan Growth Options – Consultation Extension

Borough Councillors at Rushcliffe were recently informed that there had been a technical issue where comments sent via email may have been blocked by security software and lost.

The Strategic Plan (full title above!) sets out the major housing developments across Nottinghamshire (including Rushcliffe) until 2038. Recently I went through the document and put the proposed sites on a google map along with the sites listed on Rushcliffe’s Local Plans 1 and 2. The local plan sites are dark blue, the LP2 are light blue, and the Strategic Plan sites are Pink / Purple. I’m adding for clarity that Labour are not in power in Rushcliffe, and this is not our plan!

The full document can be found online here

If your comment was submitted online or by post this will have not been lost.

However if you have emailed your comments, (or missed the deadline), the consultation has been reopened until the 24th of March 2021.

You can make comments via the online system at or email them to

2 thoughts on “Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan Growth Options – Consultation Extension

  1. R16 and R17 appear to be missing from your map?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Carys, similarly R01, R04, & R05 are missing as they’re not detailed in the Growth strategy. I’ve found maps of them and R05 on this document from the city
      If you could point me to more detail it would be most appreciated!


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