Rushcliffe Borough Council Report for Jan/Feb 2021

In the last month the Rushcliffe Labour Borough Councillors have taken part in several meetings and groups.

Cllr Naz Begum attended the growth and development scrutiny group meeting, where there was an update on the progress of the Abbey Depot site. The companies developing the site, and the architects gave a presentation on developing plans for the site and how it will achieve the objectives that the council has set out for the site.

There was also a presentation on the management of Open Spaces in new developments, this is an ongoing issue, where the management of open spaces and community provisions is left to outside companies. Cllr Way of the East Leake independents has shone light on this issue as it’s a particular problem in her area.

The group agreed the work program going forwards. A full recording of the meeting can be found on youtube.

Cllr Bal Bansal attended the Communites Scrutiny group meeting as vice chair. Hot topics in this meeting were proposals regarding Edwalton Golf Course, which took up a good portion of the the meeting. This was followed with a presentation on flytipping and dog fowling within the borough, many parishes deal with dog poo themselves, in West Bridgford this is a borough council issue and one of the suggestions is to have dog poo wardens.

There was also a presentation on the equalities scheme and an agreement on the work program for the group.

Cllr Jen Walker attended the Governance Scrutiny Group as vice chair. This was an action packed mix of internal and external audit reports and strategies and a review of the capital program. The was a section on risk management too. Don’t worry though, all the action was recorded on youtube.

Next up was Cabinet. This was a very full program. There was a decision on how Rushcliffe do their parking enforcement (which could tie in with dog poo wardens). The Borough’s budget had it’s first fly through with explanations from the cabinet member, this is something we’ll be going over in more detail before it comes to full council for final approval.

There was an update on the crematorium at Stragglethorpe and a report on COVID-19 related items. 

The Rushcliffe Nature Conservation strategy was presented, and thanks to Cllr Walker we had two fantastic questions from residents. 

Rushcliffe’s response to the electoral review was presented with a recommendation for two more councillors at the next election to reflect some of the growth expected in the area.

Again youtube captured all the action 

Cllr Gowland attended a fun packed Planning meeting, which appeared to have just a handful of items on the agenda but managed to last a whopping 3 and ¾ hours!

Next Monday will be the Standards committee meeting, which seems to be focused mainly on the goings on at Bingham Town Council. It appears there was one complaint against a Borough Councillor in September but it wasn’t upheld. (No I’m not sure what I said this time).

Full council is on the 4th of March and the next Cabinet is on the 9th. Look out for the agendas and please get some citizens questions in!

In other council business councillors were donating their remaining communities grants, mainly to schools for electronic equipment to help students study at home.

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