Saying NO to Racism

Recently, Nottinghamshire County Council, voted Councillor Vickers to be the Chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board.

Now, if you didn’t know about Councillor Vickers – please click and read the link below.

In summary, Councillor Vickers made racist Islamophobic comments.

This type of racism is totally unacceptable.

What is even more frustrating – he’s made Chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board! – It’s like he’s being rewarded!

In response to this – Ashfield District Council have said, they will not be part of the Health and Wellbeing Board. Broxtowe Council are reviewing their position.

I have written to Councillor Debbie Mason at Rushcliffe Borough Council – asking for Rushcliffe to take a strong objection and not be part of this board whilst Councillor Vickers is the Chair. If we (Rushcliffe Borough Council) sit at the table – we are effectively endorsing the racist behaviours and views of Councillor Vickers – whilst he is Chair.

We should be saying NO to racism.

If you are upset to learn about Councillor Vickers and his recent appointment – being made Chair of Health and Wellbeing at Nottinghamshire County Council – please contact your local Borough/District Councillor and your Nottinghamshire County Councillor and let them know how you feel.

Thank you.

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