Improving Cycling under the A52

Landmark Lane entrance to the A52 underpass

Nottinghamshire County Council have been allocated additional funds from central government to improve cycling and pedestrian provision around the County so residents can have a safe alternative to public transport in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Pedals have long campaigned to have a designated cycle path from Ruddington to Sharphill and now seems like the perfect opportunity for the County to put a credible plan together to ensure that the young people of Ruddington can cycle to school safely. I have spoken to our County Council representatives and they have refused to even consider the idea.

Notts CC have now got an online form where residents can make new requests so I have prepared a template so it can be completed with ease:

  1. Click Cycling
  2. Click Cycling lane off-road
  3. Type NG11 6NL into the Search box
  4. See RED pin on photo below for the exact location to pin on the map.
The underpass is located at the red pin at the crossroads of Landmere Lane and Wayte Court.
  1. Include any of the photos attached.
  2. Possible suggestion for the Location Box: The underpass beneath the A52 which can be found off Landmere Lane which runs parallel and to the south of the A52. The exact location of the underpass is where the Landmere Lane meets Wayte Court. The underpass goes safely underneath the busy road before emerging on the north side to link into existing pathways. There is already a public footpath under the road here.
  3. Possible suggestion for the Details Box: I would like to suggest an improvement for to the cycling provision for Ruddington’s young people so they can cycle safely to Rushcliffe School. I am concerned about the lack of safety around Nottingham Knight Island in particular. This issue has become especially critical during the coronavirus pandemic because we need to plan ahead and consider that a busy, cramped bus will not be the manner in which many children will be making their way to school later this year. An alternative would be to provide a safe path for cycling but as it stands, the only realistic option for our young people to cycle to secondary school is to cross the very busy, very fast A52. Although there are improvements set to take place in 2022, with what appears to include some sort of crossing of the busy A-road, that will not be in enough time to help those pupils needing to find an alternative way to school to avoid the cramped, highly contagious conditions of a school bus during a Covid-19 pandemic. A useful alternative is the underpass that already exists under the A52 off Ruddington’s Old Road and Landmere Lane leading nicely to the already proposed path through to Sharphill Woods. This proposal could be quickly completed as most of the infrastructure already exists and could ensure that hundreds of Ruddington’s young people could make their way to school in a safe way in September.
The infrastructure is already in place and makes this a credible suggestion that is worth consideration.

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