Keeping my distance

I am really fed up tonight. I am fed up of sitting working at this computer screen, I am fed up of not seeing friends and family, I am fed up of not popping to Central Avenue. I know I am lucky as I have a lovely garden which I have watched changing day by day. But I am fed up, and I have noticed quite a few people are suddenly starting to get frayed. Maybe the change to the lock down has been quite unsettling.

In fact I am even more lucky, since much as this computer screen is starting to make me crazy, I can work from home right now. And so I will, and I hope others really try to do so too. We need to keep our distance to keep the infection rate coming down to the point we can ‘test and trace’. This is our best hope for really getting back to normal: real normal (squashing onto buses, chatting in the canteen, mending a piece of equipment with a colleague), not the arms length, twilight normal we are being offered right now.

But lots of people can’t work from home: rubbish collectors, shop keepers, bus drivers, post office workers, pharmacists, council workers… they are keeping society together. For whatever reasons people in some of these jobs are some of the most badly affected by the disease. We need to know why to make sure that the right plans are in place to protect people. But in the meantime, thank them when you see them, but keep your distance.

Please.. cos I want back to seeing residents face to face and not at a distance!

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