VE day near me

Yesterday we remembered the end of the war and the defeat of fascism, bringing peace and freedom to this country and many others. It was a chance for us to remember or imagine the joy of being freed from the fear and deprivations of war. I expect I wasn’t the only one feeling a bit melancholy not to be able to talk to my parents (My father’s father worked in a pit in Gateshead and I never remember him talking about the war. My mother’s father worked in the gas works in the City of London, so she was lived through the Blitz between a number of short evacuations.)

But this 75th anniversary of VE day was about much more than being thankful for peace: to me it was about recognising how in 2020 as in 1939 people pull together in times of need. The last few weeks have been absolutely awful, particularly for people who have lost loved ones or lost their income. But the community spirit demonstrated in West Bridgford has been amazing. Yesterday was a lovely opportunity to recognise and reinforce that, and the raucous rendition of ‘We’ll meet again’ near my house at 9 pm made me very happy! I’m looking forward to a massive town party as soon as we can get close to each other again.

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