Rushcliffe Ward Report: Lutterell Q1 2020

This report was prepared in advance of a meeting at Walcote Drive Community Centre, on Walcote Drive, West Bridgford, NG2 7GA. Scheduled for 19:00 on Tuesday the 10th of March 2020. (All residents welcome!)

Following an incident at Compton Acres precinct we have been involved in sharing the locations of defibrillators in the area. In Lutterell Ward, so far, we have located one at each entrance of Heymann School (Waddington Drive and Swithland Drive), one at the Fire Station on the corner of Swithland Drive and Loughborough Road, and another on the security podium at Asda. In Muster’s Ward one is available on Boundary Road Church (opposite the park entrance). 

Defibs can be used on adults and children over the age of one. Using a defib within three minutes of a cardiac arrest can improve chances of survival by upto 70%. It is good that we have these lifesaving tools to hand, but also need to increase awareness. We would suggest we put together a map of all locations in the area to share on social media and local notice boards. Also encourage the owners of the devices to register them at

The county council have launched a new app to make it easier to report potholes and other problems, using this could help keep our county councillor’s inboxes a little clearer in the coming months!

Work has resumed on the roofless house on Stanhome Drive, which was questioned at the meeting before last. The roof is on and work is progressing. We understand there was an earlier planning dispute which initially stopped the work. The tree across the road from this development was deemed as not dangerous by the tree officer on the borough council (also questioned at a previous meeting).

Heymann and Greythorn Schools will soon be receiving their “section 106” money from the construction and sale of houses on the Summer Drive estate, which we understand will help expand the provision at these schools. A donation was made to Heymann School for outdoor teaching equipment from our Councillors Grants, on the understanding that next year’s grant would be earmarked for Greythorn School.

Central West Bridgford have started the process of forming a Neighborhood Plan, which would give residents the opportunity to have greater involvement in planning in the area. If members are interested in this process we would happily make introductions or ask them to attend our next session.

Residents have raised issues with the maintenance and quality of repairs in Metropolitan homes and we are currently on standby in case these are not resolved. We are of course happy to represent all ward residents on similar issues, where with permission we can make enquiries on your behalf.

We would be keen to hear people’s views on other issues in the ward, particularly those around antisocial behaviour. 

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Best Regards,

Cllr Naz Begum and Cllr Ben Gray

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