RBC Labour – New Year 2020 Newsletter!

Hi Everybody – what a busy year 2019 has been!

Your Rushcliffe Borough Council Labour Councillors have put together a newsletter for you, highlighting the great work the team has been doing – and an insight into some of the work that’s being worked on and coming up!

Remember to stay connected with us – social (facebook and twitter – @rbclabour).

Newsletter link is below – please share digitally. If you would like a hard copy/printed version – please reach out to us and we can get one over to you…

2 thoughts on “RBC Labour – New Year 2020 Newsletter!

  1. Bal,

    (we met very briefly at WB West Campaign Centre GE evening – hello again). Just a couple of typos, if I may?

    “You’re Rushcliffe BC Labour …”, obvs should be “Your …”. Also, “Labour group have had a spectacular start …”: hmmm, the Oxford English dictionary has “striking, amazing, lavish” for spectacular. Two points here. Post-GE, surely the tone should be ‘get real’ not hyperbole? Second, for those of us ‘in the sticks’, what was amazing was John Cottee congratulating one of our Councillors re the Local Plan vote (hopefully, this will be considered at CLP GE).

    All meant constructively.



    1. Hi John,
      I believe we have met a few times. Thank you for the constructive comments. I don’t think that amazing is hyperbole, in the short time we’ve been on the council we have managed to pass a motion which is helping with genuine action on climate change across the Borough. We are working with members from within the party and the general public in our wards and doing some really great things. We absolutely need to be excited about this. Regarding the CLP I’m looking forward to meeting up and having a nice chat.

      Best Regards,



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