New School for Edwalton

You may have heard that Rushcliffe Borough Council are opposing the County Council’s plans for a new school in Edwalton. Please be assured that the plan for a new school has not been shelved. The planning committee rejected the building on two grounds: first the proposed building looked terrible and secondly there was no provision for an area to be used as a community space during the day. As an opposition councillor I supported the first criticism (subject to not losing the environmentally sustainable aspect of the plans) but I questioned the second. I do not think it is reasonable to expect to run a primary school around a hall which has to be shared with the local community during the day. The council should make provision for a proper community facility for Edwalton, and incidentally protect Lutterell Hall as well.

Beyond our control at this stage, it is worth noting that the school does not seem to be optimally located to minimize car use and that the new school will probably be a free school which is not consistent with coherent education provision across the area, a consistent curriculum for all our children or a good working conditions for teachers.

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